When you have been sickened once by the kind of atrocity we saw in Woolwich two days ago, we have to endure being sickened a second time by all those who use the sorrow and grief of loved-ones to promote their own hobby horses, however unlikely the connection. Right-wing education pundit and Gove apologist, Toby Young, has jumped on the band wagon. How do we stop young muslim men becoming radicalised? Send them to a military style school, like the Oldham Free School approved this week.


If you feel you have to read his article, click here.

‘Bad grammar’ charge : Gove’s mates try to rubbish the opposition and divert attention

In a brilliant but obviously diversionary tactic, friends of Education Secretary, Michael Gove, have attempted to ‘rubbish’ the 100 academics who criticised his plans for the curriculum by giving their letter a ‘Bad Grammar’ award. I read the letter and, speaking as an English graduate, I would have to say I found the letter rather inelegant but not at all ungrammatical. However, I’m not surprised that right-wing ‘free school’ advocate Toby Young and Old Etonian Latin grammarian Nevile Gwynne chose to ‘nit-pick’ and grab a headline. I’m glad to say that letters in today’s Guardian have done a fine demolition job on Young, Gwynne et al in their turn. Great picture of Gove, too!