The Flying High Multi-Academy Trust

Just published this post on the ‘Hands Off Our Schools’ blog:

There does seem to be a distinct lack of transparency, something we’ve seen all the way through this sorry saga of academies and ‘free’ schools, from 2010 onwards. 

More to follow!

You heard it here first!

The government has appointed Barry Day and the Greenwood Dale Trust to run the Al Madinah free school in Derby, as predicted in my post 1 November. Day is the former Headteacher of Greenwood Dale school, an early-adopter of the old opted out/grant maintained status. Now CEO (or some such) he’s been quick to jump on the govewagon and his lot currently runs twenty or so schools in the Nottingham/Derby area. Most recently he was handed the nice new buildings of Sinfin School which was swiftly rebranded City of Derby Academy.

Having read the full OFSTED report for Al Madinah, I think it’s a safe bet that the kids there will be better off under Greenwood than the incompetents currently running it. However, there are challenges ahead for Day. There are no nice buildings to take over and presumably he’ll need to keep the Islamic ethos of the place.  Gove is a big fan and he must be counting on Day to get him and Lord Nash out of a jam.