The author

I’m a recently (2012) retired secondary school teacher and senior manager who worked for 33 years in a school on the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border. I still work half a day per week in the school and am an examiner for a major examination board so I maintain a good knowledge of current education issues. I am passionate about education and believe that policy-makers over the years have taken some poor decisions, leaving those of us ‘on the ground’, as it were, to try to pick up the pieces and continue to deliver the education young people need and deserve. As a parent I have seen my son travel through the compulsory part of his education and am aware of what it looks like from the other end of the telescope.

My wife was for many years an infant school teacher so I feel I know a little bit about that sector too.

Aside from education I am an amateur writer, musician and photographer.

Colin Tucker