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Hands Off Our Schools

The Conservatives probably think they have ‘won’ the argument, mainly by asserting that academies perform better and by including in their latest Education Bill a provision that so-called ‘coasting’ schools (along with those deemed to be ‘failing’ by OFSTED) should be turned forthwith into academies. We know, of course, that, intellectually at least, the argument is not won at all. To add weight to our argument, here is some written evidence, submitted to the parliamentary ‘Bill’ committee for that bill, which has just appeared on the official parliamentary website. Please read the highlighted text below:

“Education and Adoption Bill
Written evidence submitted by Stephen Gorard, Professor of Education and Public Policy, Durham University, UK (EAB 19)

The author

Professor Gorard is an expert on school compositions, school outcomes, and interventions to reduce the poverty gradient in attainment at school. He is the author of Overcoming disadvantage in education, London: Routledge…

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