Lack of a Uniform Belief

He’s right – again!

Disappointed Idealist

I’m a genuine agnostic on school uniform. I wore a uniform at school, and I have always taught in schools with a uniform. It’s pretty common in England. But I’m also aware of another world in which people get to choose their own clothes (amazing!); my children watch endless US teen shows in which students never wear uniforms, and I understand many places in Europe eschew uniforms. The sky doesn’t fall in when kids wear jeans in classrooms, but nor do children start emulating delegates at a North Korean communist party conference just because they’re all forced to wear nasty grey jumpers.

I see the reasonableness of the argument that uniforms might reduce (but never eliminate) the potential for income-based bullying, although I think the days when the boys who had Lacoste crocodiles on their jumpers were able to take the piss out of boys who didn’t, have long been replaced by…

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One comment on “Lack of a Uniform Belief

  1. Absolutely. I can see – and accept – many of the arguments in favour of school uniform. We had to wear it at school and I didn’t get any sense that the uniform requirement “stifled” anyone – but then that was at a time when the basic foundations of the schools system were so much stronger and were characterised by a far more profound grasp of concepts such as integrity by more of the “senior figures” who operated within it.

    It seems that many of those who now head up academies/free schools are simply trying to play the game of “fooling parents into believing that we’re like an independent (sic) school now”, employing dodgy PR stunts such as an over-reliance on uniform to mask some chronic, underlying failings?


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