So that’s alright then!

Just wrote and published this on the ‘Hands Off Our Schools’ website:

Hands Off Our Schools

For those of you who haven’t seen it, here is the nice fluffy article that appeared in the Nottingham Post shortly after the start of the new school year, obviously based on a ‘Press Release’ and photo call by Nottingham Free School. The Post chose not to do any proper journalism: no awkward questions asked, no contrary views sought from opposition groups like HOOS.They even chose not to publish a letter sent by us.

So, here are some of the concerns we have. Obviously, we opposed the setting up of NFS in the first place. We argued that it couldn’t set up a proper school building in time and, even the article, seems to suggest this was the case. We know from a previous Post article, that they have only managed enough conversion of the old factory building they are using to enable them to get going (just) and…

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