Toby Young and the West London Free School : how to avoid educating your community.

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Disappointed Idealist

I have a friend who thinks Toby Young is pretty close to evil. I don’t know Young, although I’ve heard him speak on educational matters, and as a result have a fairly low opinion about his intelligence or honesty, or both. Few can be ignorant of the fact that Gove gifted his good friend Young a school to play with. The West London Free School is the flagship school of Gove’s flagship programme. The proud boast of its founder and fans is that it will bring rigour, challenge and success to an inner city area, succeeding where all those terrible state schools previously failed.

So inevitably, I decided to have a look at its statistics. I noticed that a Gove fan BTL in the Guardian had begun to try and suggest that the statistics are all too complicated to really demonstrate  anything much, and while I accept that it’s almost…

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