Will Gove’s Empire Outlast Him ?

A lengthy but well-written and incisive analysis of the current dismal education scene, which I thoroughly recommend.

Disappointed Idealist


This started as a small idea, and grew into a bit of a monster rant. I’d advise making yourself a cup of tea before reading. For those members of society with better things to do than waste ten minutes on my waffling, here’s a summary :

Some argue Gove’s reforms won’t last long without him. I argue that GERM reforms come in two flavours : ideological/religious, and financial/self-interested. The former classroom-based reforms may well change rapidly because GERM ideology is inconsistent, unpopular, faith-based not evidence-based, and even GERM zealots disagree with each other on various issues. The latter structural reforms are likely here to stay because they have created a cadre of self-interested “winners” who have a vested interest in defending the new system. I also pepper the argument with historical references which made a lot of sense in my head. Sorry.

Gove The GERM

This weekend, Warwick Mansell –…

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