Too many old Etonians, eh? I blame the state schools!

He’s a right old ‘rent-a-quote’ isn’t he, Gove? Never happier than when courting the headlines and, as a former journalist, he knows what’s going to grab them. Opinion on the origins of the First World War? He’s got one. How about the makeup of the Cabinet and the academic origins of government advisers? Yep, he’s got something to say on that too.

There are too many Old Etonians, apparently (tell us something we didn’t know). But it’s not their fault, nice chaps as they are, to a man (and they ARE all men, of course). Cameron’s fault for appointing too many people like him? The fault of a Conservative Party that privileges money and contacts? No. According to Gove, it’s the fault of state schools who just don’t produce people of the right calibre meaning that, reluctantly, no doubt, the PM has to fall back on the high quality people who just happen to be the product of his old alma mater.


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