Falling out

I’m confused. I have been amongst those who has frequently described Sir Michael Wilshaw, head of OFSTED, as one of Michael Gove’s ‘attack dogs’ and I have recently come to accept that OFSTED is in cahoots with the DFE’s academisation agenda.  However, it now seems that Gove has been setting his supporters onto Wilshaw because  he doesn’t like the way free schools are being inspected. Is it the case that, love him or loathe him, Wilshaw is actually his own man?


5 comments on “Falling out

  1. Yes, this punches a big hole in some conspiracy theories. Sadly, however, they can probably do more damage apart than as ‘buddies’. Their dwindling credibility was a teacher’s best defence – now, whilst they throw academic policy bricks at each other, we may be stuck in the middle of a transformational crossfire.

    • I no longer know what to believe: if they really have ‘fallen out’ this can be spun positively as ‘proof’ there is no conspiracy (like Gove’s u-turns were spun as showing he was listening! I agree, this might be gratifying to watch but may just provide the media with a sideshow whilst the damage being done by Gove’s policies and Wilshaw’s actions go on being done.

      • Could be that Wilshaw genuinely – if misguidedly – believes in his “agenda” and is determined to be “even-handed” in terms of how he carries it out? I suspect most clued-up teachers won’t forgive or forget his inflammatory comments that he has directed towards them on numerous past occasions. The most(?) we can perhaps expect from this spat is that it might persuade a few more people that academies and free schools were all about duffing up the classroom unions (again!), hammering LAs (again!) and depositing the schools system into the Tories profiteer mates’ hands all along…


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