Necessary to invent them?

Maybe if local education authorities didn’t exist, it’s not inconceivable that someone would devise a similar system to monitor and support schools. In the wake of damaging revelations about academies and free schools and what some of them get up to in their unregulated freedom, the good old D for E has come up with something that, to many of us, looks just like that. A regional panel, consisting of headteachers (of proven success and no naughtiness with money or anything like that), elected by all the heads in the region (so, self-regulation, eh?) and headed by a ‘chancellor’; another layer of bureaucracy – just what was needed!

The bare-faced nerve of Gove and his acolytes, undermining local authorities then claiming that they’ve been planning this for a year (surely a monitoring system should have been planned as part of the overall strategy, not added as an afterthought: a bit like plonking a large housing development on a greenfield site then saying, only when house owners complain they can’t actually reach their properties, that you’d always planned to build some roads!).

Of course, that is crediting the fuehrer with proper planning rather than making it up as he goes along.

Read the story in the Guardian for yourself.


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