There’s a surprise!

Apparently, if you are 27 and have no teaching experience, you can’t be the Headteacher of a primary school.

Some things you know, some things require research and impirical evidence to determine. I would have put this fact in the former category, but the governors of Pimlico Primary, a ‘free’ school, due to open at the start of September, apparently thought  it a sufficiently open question as to be worth testing out by actually appointing such a person. Just a few weeks after the school opened, it turns out they were wrong and she’s resigned. Oh well, worth a try, eh? Of course, they can’t admit that Annaliese Briggs (for ’tis she) can’t hack it so some mealy-mouthed excuse appears on the school’s website and, lucky for them, she’s going to continue as a governor. Phew! Thought her expertise might be forever lost to the world of education. That was a close one!

In case you don’t recall, Ms Briggs, having taken a degree in Eng Lit, joined a right-wing think tank and somehow (!) ended up advising Mr Gove on the new primary curriculum, for which she was, um, totally unqualified. When she was appointed Headteacher in Pimlico, she announced she wouldn’t be applying the new National Curriculum, on which she had advised (a true case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’) but would be learning how to be a teacher (the words ‘cart’ and ‘horse’ spring to mind).

The Pimlico Primary School is an adjunct to Pimlico Academy, overseen by ‘Future’, an edubusiness founded by a venture capitalist, one John Nash, who is now Lord Nash, education minister in charge of ‘free’ schools and academies, a job for which he is as well qualified as, er, Ms Briggs was to be a head. Don’t you just love the way these things all join up?

One comment on “There’s a surprise!

  1. A cliche for sure… but you really couldn’t make this stuff up – which makes it even more worrying that Her Majesty’s Opposition still appears so reluctant to dump all of Gove’s agenda and replace it with some commonsense policy?!


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