Al-Madinah news

Well, as forecast, it DID open again last Monday, and that scourge of ‘free schools’ , Education Minister, Lord John Nash (you know, he who, in a former and totally unrelated and absolutely no-conflict-of-interests-here life used to set up free schools and academies) has actually threatened them with withdrawal of funding (money or lack of it being the ultimate sanction) if they don’t conform to seventeen of his requirements pronto.

Well, sixteen to go: they’ve agreed to change the requirement for female staff to wear a headscarf. I do wish in a way, that I was making all this up, that I would wake up and realise I had dreamed up a school not many miles from me that operated out of an office clock, whose women teachers had to wear some special head covering and where female pupils were discriminated against, and that’s without going into the alleged financial irregularities.  But I haven’t.

Shortly, we’ll be able to see the OFSTED report, widely expected to be damning. If true, the school should be put into ‘special measures’ and according to Govarian logic, turned instantly into an academy. This is a ‘free school’, however, so all bets are off. Maybe they’ll be gobbled up by a local or even national ‘chain’ such as Greenwood Dale, already digesting Sinfin (sorry, I mean City of Derby Academy).

Another fine mess he’s got us into!



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