The Cruelty of Worcestershire County Council

Another one for the ‘couldn’t make it up’ category…

The Political Idealist

Worcestershire County Council has achieved something amazing. Something that has not only stunned us all, but something that has stunned us again with the little attention it has received. If you thought that Wandsworth Council was nasty for introducing fees for children to use a local park, then this is one thousand times worse.  Worcestershire County Council wants to charge children in its care the costs of looking after them.  Social workers will  be instructed to assess cared-for 16 year olds for their potential to repay up to £10,000 a year for the care the Council has provided for them through their childhood. Yes, social workers will not be able to focus on providing care for children as they see fit, but will now be forced to have budgets and repayments at the backs of their minds as well. Though the proposal has not been fully detailed, it seems that…

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