It’s official: anyone can be a teacher!

Good to see that something sensible has come out of the Department of Couldn’t-Make-It-Up with Nick Clegg (what a hero!) putting the boot into Elizabeth Truss’s mad scheme for improving nurseries by increasing the child-adult ratio. However, in case you thought sensible was the new mad, this was immediately followed by the even dippier ‘Tommies for Teachers’ initiative (or whatever snappy title they’ve decided to give it). I think this was the winner of last month’s D of CMIU competition to find the most imaginative way to insult teachers a bit more. For those who haven’t been paying attention this means that anyone exiting the military can be fast-tracked into the classroom including, if they inconveniently don’t have one of those degree thingies, only having to do a couple of years of school-based training (I make that a degree in  one day a week for a year. Now that’s what I CALL dumbing down!)

Fortunately for me, a young man over at The Independent has done a very good hatchet job so go read at the link above.


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