‘I’ stands for…?

If at first you don’t succeed…Michael Gove is poised to offer yet another version of his ‘back to O Levels’ agenda. First it was, well, O Levels, then the ill-fated EBacc Certificate and now, it seems, it’s the I-Levels (not to be confused with the iGCSE which is a different animal). Anyone know what the ‘I’ stands for? Maybe it’s the ego-maniac ‘onlie begetter’ (he’d appreciate the Shakespearean allusion!). Anyway, apparently it’s only rumoured at the moment and it will be put out for consultation so, phew, that’s alright then, plenty of opportunity to persuade Mr Gove to make changes. If you would like a chance to start formulating your response (I know I would), read the article in Wednesday’s Independent.

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