Did you see him on ‘Andrew Marr’?

Mr Fussy as Mr Hitler

‘Mr Hitler’

Much spluttering over toast and coffee in our house this morning, with the appearance of Michael Gove on ‘The Andrew Marr’ show — if you missed it, I dare say you can find it on iPlayer.

Does he actually believe those things he says?

Having opened with the preposterous claim that his “popular” (sic) introduction of more academies and free schools was about “empowering teachers”,  he followed by failing to respond to questions about criticisms of his proposed curriculum changes  but simply countered by citing those academics (minus the 100 or so ‘illiterate’ ones), the teachers he speaks to (who are they?) and so forth,  who agree with him. He also lobbed in another ‘Mr Men’ reference, which I hope my previous post has helped to debunk. He finished with a further anti-dumbing down call for children to study Shakespeare: Hello! Shakespeare has been on the National Curriculum since the 1980s and in any case was being taught by most secondary schools and many primary schools before that. As a former primary school teacher, seated to my left at the time of the aforementioned toast-spluttering incident, said: “What universe is he living in!”

Well, quite!

PS  – I left the room to seek medical attention before he got on to nursery care.

(I hereby vow to try to write a post about education that DOESN’T have a reference to Michael Gove, very shortly. But it’s hard.)

2 comments on “Did you see him on ‘Andrew Marr’?

  1. He displays all of the traits of someone who knows he’s saying things that are completely untrue – and yet treats his simpering interviewers with such contempt that he believes he’ll never be brought to book for any of them?

    I would imagine that many, many teachers will be able to cite examples of irritating individual pupils who thrive on attention, enjoy causing disruption and derive their basest satisfaction from making others feel uncomfortable. Gove has fallen beyond parody…


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