From the department of ‘you couldn’t make it up’

If I hadn’t read this in a reputable Sunday newspaper, I’d be tempted to think someone was pulling my leg.

You study English Literature at Uni and become deputy-director of the right wing think-tank Civitas. On this basis, you are qualified to advise the Coalition about the primary curriculum.

Then, aged 27, you are appointed Headteacher designate of a ‘free school’ in Pimlico. With no teaching experience, at this point, you opt to obtain a teaching qualification in time for the opening of the school in September this year. The school is sponsored by ‘Future’, an organisation founded by John Nash, a Tory party donor, former venture capitalist, who is now Lord Nash, a junior education minister.

As a former adviser on the primary curriculum, one of the things you publicly vow to do is ignore the National Curriculum.

Your name is Annaliese Briggs.

I know, far-fetched, isn’t it?



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