Who cares what teachers think?

Posed picture of an unhappy teacher with child working on computer

Unhappy teachers equal unhappy pupils

The answer should be, everyone who cares about the quality of education in the classroom. Politicians have sometimes meddled with the way education is organised and managed,  believing — or claiming to believe — that this will improve the way children are taught. Michael Gove’s wholesale ‘meddling’ is a case in point but, as parents, children and most adults, when they think about it, know, the individual teacher-in-the-classroom is absolutely vital. So what he or she feels and thinks is extremely important. A YouGov poll conducted just before Christmas made grim reading. Teachers are fed up with just about every aspect of the current government’s policies for education, from pensions to academies. Morale is said to be extremely low. Of course, it is fairly easy to dismiss such surveys: this one was conducted on behalf of a teacher union, for one thing. But a more neutral source has just published a similar report based on polling data.

‘The London Teaching Pool’ is a well-established recruitment agency for teachers and school support staff but they have recently had a presence across Facebook with their ‘Pride in Teaching’ campaign. They also run ‘Goveline’, a means by which teachers can anonymously tell Michael Gove what they think!

TLTP’s ‘Barometer 2012’ is an annual survey of teachers’ feelings about what is happening in education. It doesn’t offer Gove any more comfort than the YouGov version, except that it seems to suggest teachers are reluctantly accepting that the situation isn’t going to change any time soon.

Coming shortly will be my first ‘guest blog’, written by a serving teacher. Though no happier with the ‘Gove New World’ than the rest of us, he directs his ire at the teacher unions, because….. well, read for yourself.



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