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One of Michael Gove’s first acts as Education Secretary was to block Labour’s plans to extend the free school meals scheme beyond families in which parents were receiving unemployment-related benefits or tax credits. The move attracted little media attention at the time, and yet the implications of the move are severe, especially in this economic climate- for, despite the words the coalition government espouses about “making work pay”, there are millions who could be described as part of the “working poor”, and a report this year by the Child Poverty Action Group states that 700,000 children living in poverty are intelligible for free school meals.

To a family on a modest income, the £2.50 or so that each school meal costs is a significant expense. For a two child household the cost amounts to £25 per school week- at least 10% of the income of the household concerned. It is…

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  1. The saddest things about the financial crash and Osborne’s double- (will it be a triple-?) dip recession has been the success with which Cameron and Clegg have peddled their austerity message and so penalised the least well off.

    It’s impossible to dispute that their strategy has been anything but highly successful. They have conditioned so many people to believe that the solution to their declining living standards is not to stimulate the economy, but to make sure that they can instead seek comfort watching others in society being made even more miserable! “All in it together””?… they are having a laugh!

    I don’t agree with everything the Blair (especially) and Brown governments did in terms of schools policy, but they were making real headway on school meals – both in making them accessible for more families and in terms of the nutrition contained in them. Gove’s two years or so have demonstrated just how much easier it is to destroy rather than create.things that are worthwhile. He puts a price on everything but knows the value of nothing. Perhaps more people will finally realise what this government is about when a raft of tax and benefit changes that they are introducing take effect from April?


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