Here’s the answer, what was the question?

Like so many politicians, Michael Gove is very fond of providing solutions for problems that weren’t troubling anyone. He’s tried on a few occasions to pursue the idea that the military can somehow add value to our schools and classrooms. Apparently, children lack self-discipline and teamwork, skills that it has never, apparently, occurred to our schools to encourage. Enter the army. Hang on a minute, I seem to remember when I was a teacher constantly banging on about taking personal responsibility, giving children more opportunity to take a leading role, of how important it was to be cooperative and able to work with others.

Sergeant Major from 'It Ain't 'Arf 'Ot Mum'Gove seems to have a deep nostalgia for an age before he was born, when ex-servicemen from the Second World War were drafted into our schools – I DO remember, I was taught by a few – but that was a very different time and the ethos of schools has changed beyond recognition. I wonder if he thinks the military can instil a bit of discipline in chaotic classrooms. Well, the vast majority of schools and classrooms are not like that (pace Daily Mail) and an old school military man wouldn’t last five minutes barking orders at bemused youngsters.

Just another example, it seems, of Mr Gove thinking ANYONE
can teach or run schools better than those trained to do so.



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