The teachers we deserve

teacher at blackboardBuried in George Osborne’s Autumn Statement yesterday was some bombshell news about teachers’ pay. It has been portrayed by most elements of the media as ‘teachers to be paid by results’ instead of getting annual increments. Let’s unpick this. Only teachers at the start of their careers receive annual pay increases automatically. Once they have ‘gone through the threshold’ their pay can go up every two years but these rises are linked to performance. Teachers can only achieve this rise three times until they are stranded. What Osborne has really done is to announce the end of national pay deals. Headteachers will be free to award annual rises to those whose performance merits it. I need, in subsequent posts, to go into further detail but in brief :

  • teachers are not motivated by money
  • how will performance be measured?
  • haven’t heads got enough to do without spending even more of their time on individual teachers’ pay?
  • ‘payment by results’ has worked SO well in other parts of the economy!
  • the two major unions (NUT and NASUWT) have threatened strike action.

This continues the systematic dismantling of the state education system and ‘war on teachers’ we have seen since this government came to power.



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