So who do you think YOU are?

So why should you care what I think? And why should you care what I think about education?

Colin Tucker, author

Well, I was a teacher in a secondary school in Derbyshire for a very long time and for a lot of that time I was a member of the school’s leadership team. So I saw close-up how the school wrestled with changes of policy, emphasis and funding over that time and was forced to help make some of those decisions. So I won’t just criticise here – I understand how difficult it can sometimes be to be a senior teacher and have to make difficult decisions.

And I’m a parent. The last headteacher I worked for insisted that whatever we did we had to subject it to ‘the dad test’ (we sometimes suggested it ought to be ‘the mum test’ as well!) But in principle he was right. Educationalists at all levels would make better decisions if they thought about what a good parent would want for their child.


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